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About Organic Cotton


Conventional cotton is one of the most contaminating crops on earth, using 25% of all insecticides in the world and up to 10% of all pesticides. Among these pesticides are Cyanide, Dicofol, Naled, Propargite and Trifularin, which are known cancer-causing chemicals. Most pests develop immunity to these products in 5-6 years, forcing companies to develop stronger chemicals. All these chemicals endanger the farmers and their families’ lives on a daily basis and could potentially be a hazard for all human beings using cotton products, as they contain trace toxins which are never eliminated.

Organic cotton is free of any of these chemicals as it is grown in a natural manner. Our suppliers  use biological pest control and organic manure. By having all of our cotton handpicked we avoid the use of defoliants.




Tanguis cotton is a long staple cotton that grows mainly in the coastal valleys in Peru. It is renowned for its softness and superior absorption. We offer two varieties of organic cotton yarn with this fiber: 100% Certified Organic Cotton and 10% Certified Organic Cotton.

We spin this yarn from an 8 count up to a 40 count, in open end, ring spun carded and combed, singles and plied.


We started testing ELS organic cotton in 2005. We were extremely pleased with the results obtained and we have started offering this fiber in 100% Certified Organic Cotton. We spin this yarn from a 20 count up to 60 in ring spun combed. Yarns are available in single and plied.

Cotton Dyed Yarns

We offer both Tanguis and Pima cotton in GOTS certified dyes, as well as vegetable dyes. Our suppliers have been approved by Control Union, which guaranty the low impact of our dyes to your health and the environment, as well as the non-polluting and socially fair environment were they are produced.



Products marketed and sold as organic or ecological must be certified by independent certification bodies under specific standards. Our fields are certified under the USDA-NOP (United States organic standards) and the EU (European Union organic standards). Once the cotton is ginned and becomes fiber, another set of standards apply. Our industrial processes are certified under the Global Organic Textile (G.O.T.S.) and the Organic Exchange Standards (OE-100).

The certification process includes inspections of fields, warehouses, administrative, production and export facilities. It includes the whole production chain. Certifications not only assure the traceability of the organic cotton from field to product, but also include social issues, such as working conditions and environmental practices, such as waste management and emissions.



We only uses the finest noble fibers and our production process are environment and nature friendly.


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