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About Us


Imagine yourself in the highlands of Peru. Among the Andes, spectacular surroundings embellish an undeniably rich cultural history. For close to 7000 years, the Inca civilization has been living off the land, farming cotton and raising Alpacas – animals long-treasured as a vital source of garments, fuel, hide and meat. Now in modern day Peru, the Alpacas continue to be a source of cultural and economic well-being for Peru and its people. They serve not only as a livelihood, but also as an opportunity for sustainable development and connection among farming communities.

Our Company was formed by a qualified staff of professionals, with years of experience in the apparel business. The company´s main office is located in Peru, along with our partner factories.

Andeatex principal strength is based in our staff and factories, and the key of our success is our technical knowledge from product development and design, quality assurance and an excellent customer service.



We have the mission of continuing the Peruvian textile tradition, crafting garments and accessories, and using our millenary experience combined with the best technology.


Supply to people around the world, garments made with the softest hand loomed Alpaca from Peru.


Exclusive collections of luxurious, contemporary and sophisticated knitted and woven clothing for women and men, as well as accessories and a home line, where trendy, classic, eco, premium, and hand-made products made out of the finest Peruvian fibers such as Alpaca and Alpaca blends can be found.


Andeatex’s collections are inspired by our magical Andean Heritage and the softness, texture and sumptuousness of the Alpaca.
This season you will discover classic, fine yarns in Alpaca as well as thicker and medium thick combinations which will beto the liking of any designer and inspire creativity.

Customer Service


When we begin our company, we always share our process of starting slow and allowing the market to determine the future of each item we produce. We make sure to share the results from our partnerships that have quickly scaled, creating a unique sense of ownership with each of the artisans we work with. So when we came across some of the softest hand loomed Alpaca from Peru, we were keen to share with our artisans our goal of advocacy through industry.

Andeatex has created employment opportunities for a small group of artisans in Lima. Artisans talents and skill set are the best and most sustaining way to improve their lives. Our main philosophy is “you should give back to society as much as society has given you.”

Andeatex has trained everyone in the Peruvian legacy of Alpaca weaving and together they have learned to work in groups and support each other as the company has grown. The artisans have been able to provide for their families and some of them are now land and home owners through their earnings. We understands that investing in people is the most valuable way to create sustainable change. Also understand the importance of carefully sourcing their materials, an approach which continues to be a central part of their business, enabling every owner to truly appreciate what goes in to each hand loomed sweatersshawl, blanket and scarf. We are proud to find some of the softest hand loomed Alpaca we’ve ever come across to truly make anywhere feel like home.


Why Choose Andeatex?

Our principal strength is based in our staff and factories, and the key of our success is our technical knowledge from product development and design, quality assurance and an excellent customer service.

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We only uses the finest noble fibers and our production process are environment and nature friendly.


Office 1: Jr. Los Castaños 758, Los Olivos. Lima, Peru 15301

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